4 Ways To Use Injection Molding For Independent Sci-Fi Movie Productions

The world of science fiction cinema features objects, characters, and settings that are not a part of our everyday life. When creating an independent sci-fi film, a key part in successfully telling the story is making the world feel as authentic as possible. Whether your film is set in space, features an alien invasion, or has some other type of future technology, you can have a number of props manufactured for the production. To get accurate designs that look real on film, an injection molding process can be used. The process uses metals, plastics, and other materials to create custom mold designs. During the pre-production process of your film, injection molding can be used to create four different types of props and set pieces catered directly to the world of science fiction.

Weapon Design

Instead of traditional weapons used today, a number of science fiction films use custom weapons like laser guns, zappers, and streamlined technology. Create your custom weapon designs using the injection molding process. When creating a custom weapon mold, the weapon will typically be broken down into multiple pieces so they can be attached together when the molding is complete. The initial mold is great for producing mass weapons for the films. For example, if you have a group of futuristic soldiers, you can use a single mold to create dozens of fake weapon props for the film. Along with the weapon designs, you have a number of color options to select from. Plastic pieces can be finished in colors to match themes and designs featured on the film set.

Futuristic Gadgets

The world of science fiction allows you to brainstorm and create gadgets that don't even exist. To make these gadgets seem as real as possible, injection molding can be used to create prototype parts. Molds can be crafted to create the shells of these devices. For example, you can have molds created that feature a case of a futuristic cell phone or a television screen. A number of rubber molds can be made to create unique button designs used for gadgets. A lot of molding is done for real video game controllers, computer parts like keyboards, and panels on vehicles. The same type of process can be used to implement designs and features in the gadgets featured in your film.

Alien Languages 

Along with creating parts out of molds, injection molding companies have the ability to print graphics directly on parts. For example, if your film features an alien race, then all of the props crafted for that race can feature the printed graphics directly on them. This design and style helps add to authenticity of the props used in the film you're creating. The printing process can be done in multiple colors and designs, allowing you to customize each part as needed for the film. For example, if the science fiction world you created has a whole new language, then you can have a keyboard prop that features the letter replacements and symbols on each piece.

Set Miniatures

If your movie is using a lot of practical special effects, then you can have buildings and props created with injection molding. The molding process allows you to get small props crafted featuring a variety of designs and features. For example, if you're building a model of a city, then you can have multiple miniature skyscrapers built for the set. The base color of white or black can then be painted to help customize each building design. Additional small props include space ships, planets, or creatures that you're getting practical shots of. It's a great way to do your special effects without relying on too many digital effects.

Contact an injection molding company like Accurate  Products Inc. for estimates on your different prop needs. This will help you fit the various designs into your film production budget.