Custom Furniture Creation: 4 Reasons to Chose Cold Rolled Steel

Creating custom furniture allows you to design a piece that fits your home, matches your style, and gives you a one of a kind piece that can last for multiple years and be passed down through multiple family members. When choosing a base for the furniture, one of the main options to consider is steel. Not all steel is made the same, so it's important to learn about different types.

One of your main options for the furniture creation is cold rolled steel. This type of steel has many advantages, especially when it comes to furniture creation. Learning about these benefits will help you choose the best steel options for your furniture creation.

Furniture Strength

One of the main benefits of choosing cold rolled steel over hot rolled steel is the strength that it possesses. Cold rolled steel is a lot stronger than hot steel because of the way it is processed. When hot steel is formed, it reaches a high temperature that warps and changes the steel. The cold rolled process does not use these hot temperatures, allowing the steel to keep its density and strength.

This extra strength is extremely important for building furniture. It will allow people to sit on the furniture without bending, snapping, or breaking the steel elements. This allows you to make stools, couch frames, and chairs that can handle all types of body weights.

Furniture Shaping

Cold rolled steel also has the ability to be shaped in all different directions and curves. When this process is done, the integrity and strength of the steel will not be changed. When creating furniture, this is one of the more important elements. As the steel bars act as an important base to the furniture, they need to be shaped just right to help handle cushions and various types of fabric. When ordering the steel, you can have it prepared in the exact style that you need. This will help you put together the furniture a lot easier.

Solid Shape Pieces

Along with steel poles, there are a number of other shapes that you can purchase. This will help with various forms of the furniture design. For example, as you are building the base of the furniture piece, you can use flat and rectangular bars. These types of bars are ideal for supporting large couch and chair cushions. If you have any type of interactive part of the furniture, then flat cold rolled steel can be used for joints, recliner pieces, and handles.

By ordering different types of shapes, you will have more versatility in the type of furniture that you can design. Steel companies can provide you with a full catalog of the available steel shapes and sizes. Seeing these shapes can give you even more options when it comes to designing and creating custom furniture for your home.

Hollow Pieces

When creating some types of furniture, you may want the furniture to be strong, but you do not want the heavy weight to go along with it. When looking for a lighter type of furniture, you can purchase hollow pieces. These pieces can help cut down on a lot of the weight and make it easier to move furniture pieces around. You also have the ability to connect pieces together easier when they are hollow. The hollow pieces can be screwed together or welded without as much effort. This can also help cut down on a lot of the building time, allowing you to have your furniture fully built a lot sooner.

Purchasing steel in bulk can help you save a lot of money and provide you with the materials you need to create all of your custom furniture.