Purchasing The Right Type Of Rice

Incorporating rice into your restaurant's dishes can be a simple way to add substance and flavor to each menu item. Rice makes a great carbohydrate alternative for those patrons who don't want to eat potatoes, but determining the best type of rice to add to your menu can sometimes be challenging.

If you are new to the world of rice, here are three types of rice you should consider adding to your restaurant's dishes in the future.

1. Long-Grain White Rice

When people think of white rice, they traditionally think of long-grain white rice. This type of rice is popular because of its neutral flavor, which makes it an easy addition to any dish. Long-grain white rice has a light and fluffy texture that will pair well with most meats and sauces.

If speed and convenience are important factors when it comes to designing a menu for your restaurant, then long-grain white rice could be your best option. This rice variety cooks fast because both the germ and husk of the rice grains are removed, allowing water to penetrate the grain much faster.

2. Jasmine Rice

If your restaurant is looking to add more international flair to its menu, then jasmine rice could be a beneficial type of rice to invest in. Originating in Thailand, jasmine rice gets its name from its distinctive aroma (which resembles that of the jasmine flower).

It's important to remember that jasmine rice does have a subtle nutty flavor that will influence the overall flavor of each dish it is added to, so recipes that allow this flavor to shine through should be considered when you are introducing jasmine rice to your restaurant's menu.

3. Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is similar to jasmine rice, but this long-grain variety originates in India. Basmati rice also has a distinctive nutty flavor and aromatic fragrance, but when the rice is cooked the grains actually become longer.

This feature allows basmati rice to maintain a light and fluffy texture once it is fully cooked, unlike the slightly sticky texture of jasmine rice. Basmati rice is a great stand-alone side dish to add to your menu.

The addition of rice to your menu can be a complex decision. Taking the time to understand the unique characteristics that set each rice variety apart can help you determine which type of rice is best suited to complement the dishes you serve your patrons each day. For more information, visit websites like go4WorldBusiness.com.