Knowing When To Use An Automatic Girth Welder

Metal is one of the most common materials used in construction today. In order to successfully join two pieces of metal together, welding techniques must be used to create durable seams. Some welding applications are more challenging than others, requiring access to specialized tools.

One of the tools you might want to consider using in the future is an automatic girth welder. Knowing when to use an automatic girth welder can help you significantly improve the quality of your construction activities over time.

Automatic girth welders are designed for horizontal welds.

When determining the best type of welding machine to use for your application, you need to consider the location of the weld that needs to be completed. If you are able to place the raw metal pieces down on a workbench, then any welding machine will get the job done.

When the metal components you are welding together are standing upright, you will need to create a horizontal weld. Horizontal welds can be tricky, an using a girth welder will help ensure that the quality of your welded seam doesn't suffer when completing horizontal welds in the future.

Automatic girth welders can reduce weld times.

Time is money, and spending too much time on a single weld could be reducing the efficiency of your business. Access to a girth welder could help you reduce your weld times in order to improve profitability without sacrificing the quality of your welds.

Most automatic girth welders are mounted on mobile workstations that travel around the exterior of a cylindrical tank. The workstation moves automatically, allowing you to focus solely on completing your weld. This design helps to improve the speed with which you can generate a durable seam, and it also eliminates a lot of the variables that can compromise weld quality as you complete horizontal welds.

Automatic girth welders have a variety of uses.

Access to a girth welder could allow you to expand your welding services into new sectors. Common uses for automatic girth welders include the construction and repair of oil storage tank, boilers, water storage tanks, reactors, and even tanker trailers that are transported by semi trucks.

Anytime you need to work on a cylindrical tank, a girth welder will maximize accessibility and efficiency. Recognizing the many applications in which an automatic girth welder might be useful will help you see the value in investing in this type of welder for your business.