3 Factors That Will Impact The Cost Of Your Septic Tank Installation

If your septic tank is getting old, and you need to have a new one installed soon, it can be helpful to understand the factors that will impact the overall cost of installing a new septic tank.

1. Septic Tank Material

The material that your septic tank is made out of will have a large impact on your septic tank installation costs. Concrete is one of the most affordable septic tank materials that you can choose, with high-density polyethylene being one of the highest-grade, and thus highest-costing, material that you can use.

When considering what material to use, look at the overall usage life of the material. Paying a couple of extra hundred or even thousand dollars upfront can extend the life of your septic tank and save you money in the long-run.

2. Septic Tank Size

Next, the size of your septic tank will impact the cost. A larger septic tank will cost a little more to purchase up front, and may require additional labor in order to dig a large enough hole for the septic tank.

Don't skimp on the size of your septic tank. You should use the overall size of your home and your water usage per month to figure out what size septic tank you should purchase. If your septic tank is too small, it will be prone to overfilling, backing-up, and failure. It's better to go a little on the larger size with your septic tank than on the smaller size.

3. Drainage System

Next, the type of drainage system that you have installed will also have a direct impact on the cost. The drainage system that you put in place is just as important as the septic tank that you have installed.

If your leach field is still in good shape from your previous septic tank, you may not have to replace the entire leach field, just the parts that connect your leach field to your septic tank. If your leach field is not established or in good shape, pipes for a new leach field will have to be laid out. Alternatively, you could also install a septic tank that has a soakaway system that filters and releases the water back into the ground without the use of a leach field.

The three biggest factors when it comes to installing a new septic tank is the type of material you choose for your septic tank, the overall size of the septic tank, and the type of drainage system that you put in place. You can get quotes from a few different companies in order to secure the best deal for your new septic tank.

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