Reasons To Hire A Professional Company To Assist With Metallographic Sample Preparation

In order to have success studying the microstructure of materials, metallographic sample preparation must happen prior to testing. Then samples will come out right for accurate and meaningful analysis. You want to hire a professional company to take care of metallographic sample preparation, particularly because of these reasons.

Find Appropriate Samples to Study

In order to accurately study the microstructure of materials, such as welds on steel, you need to find samples that take to this analysis well. Fortunately, you won't have to guess which samples these are when you just work with a metallographic sample preparation company. They have the means of finding perfect samples to study in great detail thanks to their precision measurements and high-tech analysis equipment. Picking out the right samples in the beginning helps complete this analysis process faster and also does not waste financial resources.

Execute Abrasive Cutting in a Controlled Way

In order to get ideal samples down to the right size for microstructure analysis, abrasive cutting has to take place. This isn't something you want to take on because the slightest mistakes can result in major deformations that are then very hard to work around.

Whereas if you let an expert company complete abrasive cutting that they've performed hundreds of times, your odds of having a lot of deformations surface drastically go down. There may be still some left over, but not to the point where sample materials have to be completely scrapped.

Use the Correct Abrasive Wheel for Polishing

If there are imperfections or deformations with your samples being studied on a microstructure level, they need to be removed. This can be hard if you don't have a lot of experience or the right equipment to get the job done. As such, it's best to let a professional company handle metallographic sample preparation because they have access to the appropriate abrasive wheels that are water-lubricated. They'll grind away any sections where there are deformations, and the lubrication from the water will keep any materials from sticking and causing further problems. Such a device can leave behind a smooth and scratch-free surface on a sample.

Before you can start studying the microstructure of materials, metallographic sample preparation has to take place and in a controlled way. You'll have less trouble with this process when you let an experienced company handle every stage, from sample selection to polishing imperfections. Contact a company that offers metallographic sample preparation services for more information.