Important Numbers You Need to Know to Help You Select the Right Crane Rental for Your Projects

If you have never rented a crane before, you may not realize all of the important numerical information you will have to consider. Taking the time to consider some important numbers can help to ensure that your crane rental will work for the project that you are renting it for. Here are some of the most important numbers to consider when you are looking to rent a crane. 

The Weight of the Object You Are Lifting

One of the most important numbers that you need to consider when you are looking at a crane rental is the weight of the object you are lifting. All cranes have a maximum weight capacity. If you lift something that is heavier than the crane is designed to shift, move or lift, the crane can actually tip over. Most crane weight capacities include the capacity for the item you are lifting as well as the hook you are using to lift the item, so consider the hook weight as well. 

The Amount of Space You Have to Place a Crane

Another important number that you need to consider when you are looking to rent a crane is the amount of space you have to place a crane. Think about where you are placing the crane, such as in your driveway, in a parking lot, or on the street outside of a building. Measure how much space you have for that crane. Some cranes are smaller and more compact, allowing them to fit in smaller places. Other cranes are larger and may take up a lot more space on the ground. 

How High You Need to Lift Objects

When it comes to cranes, one common mistake people make is assuming that there is a standard height that cranes can raise items to. Cranes are different, and some may reach higher than others. The type of crane you may need to lift an air conditioner onto your residential home may differ from a crane that is needed to reach the top of a high rise. Find out how high you need to lift an object and how high specific cranes lift to find the right crane rental. 

Specific Radius Information For You Job

Finally, you need to consider any specific radius information pertaining to your work site. Cranes do not only go up and down. They can move items in a circle. If you are using a crane to lift heavy items off of a truck, and you are using a circular motion, consider how wide of a radius you have at the job site, and how wide of a radius different rental cranes offer. 

Not every crane is the same, and the crane rental that you may need for one job may differ from the crane someone else needs for a different job. Considering specific weights, heights, and other measurements will help you find a crane that will work for the specific job you are renting a crane to complete.