3 Benefits Of Orbital Welding

If you need to weld tubes, pipes, and fittings, then it makes sense to use an orbital welding machine. This automated process has some benefits over manual welding. What are they?

1. High-Quality Welds 

If your welds need to be clean and high-quality, then you'll need to hire experienced and skilled welders to do these jobs manually. It isn't easy to get the right results on complex tubes, pipes, and fitting welds.

However, mistakes here can cause leaks and internal spoilage. If your finished welds have to meet strict quality standards, then you might struggle to find welders with the right skills to do the job.

Orbital machines automate the welding process. They remove human error. You can program a machine to create the perfect weld for each job; it then delivers high-quality and consistent results. You'll find it easier to meet relevant quality standards, and you'll have reduced wastage costs.

2. Reduced Labor Costs

If you work on complex welding jobs, then you have to hire experienced welders with the right qualifications. If you can't easily find people with the right skills and experience, then you might have to pay higher rates to attract the right hires.

Plus, you'll also have to make more quality checks on each job if you use manual welds. You'll need people to run these checks. If you're working on a job-critical product, such as aircraft parts, then you might have to check every weld you make.

You don't need to bring in qualified or experienced welders to run orbital equipment. Your operators won't need advanced welding skills; they simply need to learn how to use your machines. Your individual labor costs should be lower.

Plus, you can usually reduce the number of quality checks you have to make because this process is automated. Once you know that a weld meets the right standards, you can assume that all welds the machine makes will be the same. So, you won't need as much manpower on this part of the job. This also saves money.

3. Faster Production Times

While experienced manual welders can work fast, their productivity will naturally decrease over the course of a shift or working day. People get tired; they will work more slowly as the day goes on. They also need to take breaks.

If you use an orbital system, then you can automate most of the welding process. Once the machine is programmed, it will work on repeated welds for as long as you need it to. Its quality will remain the same from start to finish, and it will work faster over the course of a shift or day than a human welder. So, you can finish jobs faster.

To get started, contact welding equipment suppliers and ask about their orbital welding products.