Planetary Mixer - Purchasing Advice For Bakeries

Something you'll do a lot if you own a bakery is mix different ingredients, including dough, batter, and butter. Performing these mixing actions won't be a challenge if you invest in a planetary mixer with multiple blades that rotate in varying directions. If you're in the market for one, continue reading to make a solid purchase for your bakery.  

Get a Compact Model if the Kitchen Is Small

If you don't have a lot of space in your bakery's kitchen, find a planetary mixer with a compact design. Since the mixer won't take up much space, a smaller kitchen won't hold you back from thoroughly mixing ingredients. There are plenty of compact planetary mixers available for sale too.

You can review the mixer's dimensions online to verify its compact nature before purchasing, or you can shop for planetary mixers in person to ensure you get a small-footprint model. Either way, your decision to get a small planetary mixer gives you less worry about how small your kitchen may be. 

Assess Mixing Action in Person

You can alleviate all doubts when purchasing a planetary mixer for your bakery when you see these machines perform in person. It's the only way to view the mixing action up close, gaining confidence before you buy from a supplier or manufacturer.

Find a way to set up a demonstration with a company that sells planetary mixers. After they set up different models, you can see each one perform and subsequently review the actions of different blades. Look for a machine capable of mixing your ingredients thoroughly, safely, and efficiently. 

Make Sure Cleaning Isn't Difficult

If your bakery relies heavily on a planetary mixer, it's safe to assume it will get pretty dirty because of how much it gets used. Cleaning the mixer won't be stressful if you find one with suitable materials and designs. For instance, you'll enjoy simple cleaning if you get a mixer made from cast iron materials with protective coats. Also, look for a planetary mixer with smooth surfaces. They'll keep the dough and other ingredients from sticking as the blades rotate in different directions.

An excellent investment for any bakery today is a planetary mixer. Thanks to the blades' designs, planetary mixers are incredible machines for food prep. If you spend enough time assessing these mixers' capabilities, you can find a device that's long-lasting and perfectly supports your bakery's operations over the years. 

Contact a local supplier to learn more about planetary mixers.