3 Benefits Of Using A Water-Chilled Unit In Your Industrial Building

When you think about an air conditioning system, you might think of a system that pushes out cold air to control the temperature. Even though this might be the most common type of unit for household use, there is an option that is great for use in an industrial setting, such as a large factory: a water-chilled unit. As the name suggests, this type of unit uses cold water in order to reduce the temperature in the building. [Read More]

Improving The Management Of Your Spare Parts Inventory

Most manufacturing and production plants rely heavily on machinery in order to complete vital tasks. These machines must be maintained regularly in order to ensure optimal performance, and routine maintenance often requires the replacement of bearings, casters, or other parts of the machinery. If you don't want to experience a production delay because you don't have a replacement part for your machines on-hand, then you need to keep an inventory of spare industrial parts in your plant. [Read More]

Custom Furniture Creation: 4 Reasons to Chose Cold Rolled Steel

Creating custom furniture allows you to design a piece that fits your home, matches your style, and gives you a one of a kind piece that can last for multiple years and be passed down through multiple family members. When choosing a base for the furniture, one of the main options to consider is steel. Not all steel is made the same, so it's important to learn about different types. [Read More]

Four Furry Reasons to Rent a Dumpster and Clean Up That Yard

Even if you are the most ardent wildlife lover, chances are you'd like to avoid running into a hungry bear or cougar in your backyard. These are just two of the animals attracted to overgrown areas when they are in search of food or shelter. True, you are more apt to have this problem if you are in a rural setting, but more and more suburbs are getting their share of furry visitors. [Read More]